HomeTeller Cross Account Application

Cross Account Access allows you to use HomeTeller to transfer funds to other Credit Union accounts from within any or all of your accounts. You won't be able to see account information in the destination account. Cross Accounts display in your "Transfer To" list. If you desire further information, please contact a member service representative.

Check the "Send To:" list in the Transfers section. If you see your cross accounts listed, you are already set up.

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"Primary Account" is the account you log on to. (IRA accounts are Primary accounts with separate account numbers. While you can view everything in your IRA account, transfers and withdrawals from IRA accounts are not permitted)

Primary Accounts Cross Accounts (transfer to only)

I hereby request that LBS Financial Credit Union permit me to initiate, and direct that it effect and complete, all possible transfers to and from my accounts at the Credit Union via its home banking capability, when such transfers are authorized through the use of my Personal Identification Number (PIN). I understand, acknowledge, and agree that the range of possible transfers includes transfers to other accounts, and to third parties, through a bill payment feature.

By submitting this form, I agree to receiving the LBS Financial Credit Union Electronic Services Disclosure and Agreement for Services ("Disclosure") electronically and agree to the terms and conditions stated therein. I also acknowledge that the Disclosure is posted on LBS Financial Credit Union's website in the Disclosures area. I also understand that I am applying for current and future electronic offered services. I also understand that in disclosing my PIN to anyone, or requesting a PIN for anyone (such as a joint owner), I am providing that person with the authority to perform all transactions relating to my account(s) including account(s) to which they may not have an interest, until I revoke that authority by changing the PIN or by notifying the Credit Union and obtaining a replacement PIN. I understand that my PIN must be kept confidential. I further understand that I cannot initiate requests for funds transfers through email and agree that the Credit Union is not responsible nor accountable to act on any such request I may send.

I understand, acknowledge, and agree that, with regard to some of my accounts, the number of transfers which I can make from them may be limited by number during any month, in order for the Credit Union to comply with its reserve requirements and FRB Regulation D. I further understand, acknowledge, and agree that the Credit Union may act to prevent, and/or decline to effect or complete, transfers which would cause me to exceed those limits, and any attempt by me to exceed the limits may result in the Credit Union closing such account(s).